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Upcycled, Recycled Denim Jean Pocket Pillow

Hippie, Bohemian, Shabby Cottage, Gypsy



We've recycled some old jean pockets and made Pocket Pillows. Great little pillows with lots of personality. The pockets are fully functional and a place to tuck away little sachets, yummy smelling tea bags, or love letters ;-).  The denim is used, frayed, and sometimes holey. But this all adds to the shabby chic of these adorable pillows.


This Jeans Denim Pillow measures 12.75"h x 8w". It is machine embroidered on a section of recylced, upcycled denim jeans, complete with flaws and imperfections that used jeans would have.  It is stuffed fat for sitting on a shelf or chair.  It's shape follows the shape of the leg of the jeans from where it was cut.  The waist band area is sewn flat and not stuffed. Pocket is fully functional for keeping little notes, sachets, etc.


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